Private German Lessons Speed Learning Method – Month 3 Progress

Private German Lessons Student Sarah G., London

Sarah G. started learning using the Private German Lessons Speed Learning Method from the beginning as an A1-level beginner and has risen to a comfortable B2-level (proficiency level 4 out of a maximum 6 levels) after 15 weeks with two 90-minute private German lessons per week and daily 30-minute continuous homework assignments. Part of the weeklong assignment was to look up synonyms using the excellent online English to German dictionary, in order to learn more nuanced vocabulary than what is prescribed by the Goethe Institute and TELC examination boards.

B2 Level English-to-German Translation Nr. 6 Excerpt

Amy was very excited. She was going to a big birthday party on Saturday night. There would be music, dancing, food and lots of new people, which one could get to know.

Amy war sehr aufgeregt / begeistert. Am Samstag würde sie zu einer großen Geburtsfeier gehen. Es würde Musik, Tanzen, Essen und viele neue Leute geben, die man kennlernen könnte.

Amy knew that she would have a great time, but what was she going to wear?

Amy wusste, dass sie eine großartige Zeit verbringen würde, jedoch was würde sie anziehen?

All her friends at school were talking about it.

All ihre Freunde sprachen darüber in der Schule.

Gudrun and Klara had new dresses. Sabine had expensive new jeans and Katrin had amazing new shoes.

Gudrun und Klara hatten neue Kleider. Sabine hatte neue Jeans und Katrin hatte ausgezeichnete neue Schuhe.

”Mum”, said Amy, “please can I have some money, to buy something new?’

”Mama”, sagte Amy, “kann ich bitte etwas Geld haben, um etwas Neues zu kaufen?”

“No”, said her mother, “you have plenty of nice things, which you can wear. What about your blue T-Shirt? The one with a butterfly on it? That is very nice.“

“Nein”, sagte ihre Mutter. “Du hast viele schöne Sachen, welche du tragen kannst. Was ist mit deinem T-Shirt? Das eine mit einem Schmetterling darauf? Das ist sehr schön.”

“Everyone has something new”, whispered Amy. “I don’t want to be the only one in old clothes.”

“Jeder hat etwas Neues”, flüsterte Amy. “Ich will nicht die Einzige in alten Klamotten sein.”

“It is not old”, laughed her mother, “and it is colourful. I have not the money to buy you something new. You will have to ask your grandmother.”

“Es ist nicht alt”, lachte ihre Mutter, “und es ist bunt / farbenfroh. Ich habe nicht das Geld, um dir etwas Neues zu kaufen. Du wirst deine Oma fragen müssen.”

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